Paul Potenza Photography

These are snapshots in time on my journey to discover the beauty and wonders of our world

Wilderbeest Birth
We were traveling through the Ngorongoro Crater on January 23, 2019 around 1:30 PM, enjoying the splendour that was before our eyes. We came across a pregnant Wildebeest, in early stages of labour. We decided to stick around to see how things were going to progress. Over the next hour or so we witnessed this amazing birth! When mom laid down and was trying to get comfortable, the male wildebeests encircled her, at approximately 75 feet (23 Metres) to protect her from predators. They emitted low, loud ominous tones, going around the circle ensuring that mother and calf were safe and protected. This, for me, was an unexpected insight into the animal kingdom. To see how this herd (if that is the right term) rallied together to protect the birthing mother and soon to be new born, was nothing less than mesmerizing! In the background of this phenomenon, there were hypos frolicking in a pond, oblivious to anything going on only metres away, nor were they concerned on any level. The Animal Kingdom is truly an amazing thing. The whole birth, to the calf up and standing took about an hour. Our guides told us that if the calf could survive for another hour, it would be able to outrun one of its biggest threats, a hyena. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience, something I relive over and over again!